Street Allotment Project


Good Food Communities

Our Aim

Our aim is simple. We find and borrow unused land, convert it to allotment spaces, and grow free veggies for the community.


Fresh Free Food

So far....

We are extraordinarily pleased with the changes we've been able to achieve with the help of donations and volunteers. Land that just sits and isn't used around Shrewsbury is, after a little care and attention, always a viable space to grow vegetables. Below you can see our Monkmoor plot's transformation from unloved to abundant in a few short months. There's always a lot to do, especially we've now installed a pond for all our insects and wildlife, and will be growing our own seedlings to plant and share, so if you've a yen for an allotment of your own, why not join us and be part of the Street Allotment Project in your area? 

Monkmoor plot transformation

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Where are our plots?

Bell Lane Plot - SY2 5EN

 The Abbey Pub - SY2 5AZ

Monkmoor Pub Plot - SY2 5BQ 

Belle Vue Youth Club Plot -  SY3 7PY